How Featureworld can gain you multiple story deals…

One of the bonuses of selling your story through Featureworld rather than directly to one publication is that I can gain you not just one deal, but several. And this week is a good example of how interviewees coming to Featureworld to sell a story will always gain more publicity (if they wish!)

Sharon Boks

Sharon’s story about how making wedding plans gave her a heart attack appears this week in WOMAN magazine.

Sell your story to Woman magazine

Sharon's story went across two pages.

Sharon’s story about how she had a heart attack as she sorted out the seating plan for her wedding – and yet still managed to walk up the aisle – has previously appeared in the Daily Mail and Take A Break magazine and I placed it for a third time for her this week.

Julia Rees

Julia Rees’ real-life story also appears in WOMAN magazine this week.

Sell your story to Woman

Julia and Tony Rees are in Woman magazine

Julia’s amazing story about how she had eight miscarriages – including twins born at 23 weeks who died shortly after birth – before having baby Ruby, has previously been in the Daily Mirror and they have also appeared on ITV’s Daybreak.

Diane Miller

Diane’s tragic story of how she will care for her orphaned grandson appears in WOMAN’S OWN this week.

Sell story to Woman's Own

Diane's story in Woman's Own

Diane’s story recently appeared in the centre pages of The Sun and Pick Me Up magazine.

I am often asked, “can I sell my story to more than one magazine or newspaper?” And the answer is yes! At Featureworld, the policy is to put the interviewee first. So if an interviewee only wants one newspaper or magazine, that’s fine. However, interestingly – especially for anyone nervous about selling their story in the first place – virtually 100 per cent of interviewees want me to sell their stories on again. And then Featureworld has an extremely good track record of gaining people multiple deals with more magazines, newspapers and on TV, be it on a chat show or for a documentary.
If you would like to sell your story and want the best coverage possible, then do contact me for free advice: Selling my story.

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