Chelsea’s story makes front page of Reveal magazine…

Chelsea Harmsworth’s real life story about how her baby girl survived an abortion, is published in REVEAL mag this week.

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Chelsea's story also made the front page of Reveal

Chelsea’s story looks amazing spread over two pages of glossy magazine Reveal this week and the photos look stunning. Regular sell your story UK blog readers might recall university student Chelsea’s story was recently printed over a double page in the Sunday People newspaper. She is the young mum who when she fell pregnant by accident, decided to have a termination. However, the operation didn’t work and unbeknown to Chelsea, left her still pregnant. It was only three months later when she still felt pregnant that she went to see her GP and discovered she was almost six months.
Doctors offered Chelsea a further abortion but she was so close to the 24 week cut-off point and had seen her baby moving on the scan, that she couldn’t go through with it. Sadly, however, daughter Keira was born with deformities to her hands. And Chelsea’s relationship with Keira’s dad has since ended.
Despite this she is a happy little girl and Chelsea, who manages to hold down a job and study for a psychology degree would not be without her.

Chelsea says: “Going into Reveal mag was tremendous fun. Keira and I had a proper photoshoot with make-up and clothes. The crew made us feel like superstars!”

I have since managed to gain Chelsea yet another magazine deal – this will be a further double page spread for Chelsea.

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