Last year Vanessa’s story appeared in the Daily Mail … so what happened next?

What’s it really like to open a national newspaper or magazine and see a photo of yourself staring back? Three months ago I was contacted by Vanessa Finn to sell her story about her love-rat husband. Today I go back and see how the sell my story experience was for Vanessa…

Sell story to the press

Vanessa's story went in the Daily Mail

The Story
When Vanessa’s Sergeant Major husband’s Alan had an affair, their marriage ended. And she was then fined by the MoD for moving out of their army home too slowly.

What made you decide to sell your story?
I was feeling very frustrated over the acrimonious break-up of my marriage and my family’s treatment by the MOD. I was researching the possibility of selling my story when I came across Feature World on the internet. I emailed my story to Alison and was contacted very quickly.

Were you nervous about selling a story?
I have had some previous contact with journalists and was wary of the possible outcomes. However, I instantly felt comfortable talking to Alison and really surprised that she gave my story credibility.

Your story was placed with the Daily Mail – how did that go?
I was incredibly nervous and still not sure I was doing the right thing. On the day of publication I was a wreck!! But then the messages of support came in and the attitude and goodwill of others was amazing, I was really touched by it all. I was so pleased and then Alison found me another deal, so my story was then published in a magazine too.

sell story to a women's mag.

Vanessa's story also appeared in Pick Me Up

Any advice for others about to sell a story?
I would recommend that anyone contemplating selling a story should think very hard first and be sure that you are doing it for the right reasons. I’m glad that I went through Featureworld as I don’t think I would have had such sympathetic but unbiased advice from other agencies. I feel that the whole process has made me stronger and much more confident.

Any other update?
I‘ve heard my story is now being used in Army welfare meetings as a briefing tool. And it does appear that thanks to this story, a more sympathetic approach from the MoD is to be fostered. So it seems it has raised awareness. I’m chuffed and so happy something good has come out of this.”

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