Need some help with parenting?

Would you like to take part in a TV show?
Two requests have recently come into sell my story website, Featureworld recently.
First up … Channel 4 is looking for stories from parents of kids aged 5-12, for a new show with Jo Frost. She is the Supernanny but this is a new format called Jo Frost – Extreme Parental Guidance.

Channel 4 looking for participants for a new show...

Star in a new parenting programme for Channel 4...

Families should live in the UK and be despairing at their child’s behaviour. Some ideas are: a child obsessed with the internet, or a celebrity, a child who is dieting, won’t wash, talks to ghosts, still has a nappy/dummy, or won’t speak. The producers are also interested in hearing from grandparents struggling to raise children or multigenerational families.

Still on the subject of parenting…

Reality show participants wanted for BBC.

The BBC is also looking for mums for a documentary...

This is a documentary programme about parenting. The TV producers are looking to speak with mums of talented children who will do anything to support their child. Perhaps you are a strict “Tiger” mum – such as the Chinese lady who recently wrote how she expected nothing but the best from her daughters. Or maybe you are the opposite and believe in giving your child complete freedom develop naturally.

For more details about either of these programmes, contact me here: Be on TV and I will pass your details to the producers.

If you don’t want to be on TV but have a story to sell about your child or would like sell a story about parenting, contact me here: Sell my Story

To read recent stories sold through Featureworld: Archives

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