My abortion failed – but my baby melted my heart…

Chelsea’s emotional real-life story appeared in the SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper yesterday.

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Chelsea's true story appeared in the Sunday People newspaper.

When Chelsea Harmsworth emailed me through the sell my story form on my website, I knew her delicate and very emotional story would need careful handling and writing.
Chelsea, 20, a university student, got pregnant at the age of 16. But she felt too young to have a baby and at around ten weeks made the agonising decision to have a termination. Incredibly, however, unbeknown to Chelsea and the abortion clinic, the operation didn’t work. And almost three months later Chelsea made the shocking discovery she was still pegnant.
Doctors offered her another abortion but by then she was 21 weeks and had felt the baby move. She simply couldn’t go through with another termination so decided to have her baby.
Sadly little Keira, now 3, was born with a deformed right hand – the tips of her fingers are missing and her index finger can’t bend. The fingernails of Keira’s left hand are also deformed. It is believed this was caused by the abortion.
Yet, despite this, Chelsea fell in love with her daughter and in this moving feature, Chelsea describes how her daughter has brought her so much joy.
That said, she is still angry the abortion failed. She believes she acted responsibly and is upset about Keira’s hands.
She intends to tell Keira why her hands are as they are – but says Keira is her world and she knows how much her mummy loves her.

Chelsea says: “Alison read the story back to me before she sent it to the newspaper and as soon as I heard it, I fell in love with the copy. It was written exactly as I wanted it to be.”

Interestingly, when Chelsea initially contacted me, she hadn’t thought about selling a story to a newspaper. But I knew it would be a perfect real-life read for the Sunday People. And I have also gained Chelsea deals for follow-up stories with two major women’s magazines.

Do you want to sell your story to a newspaper and a magazine? Tell me about your real life story here: Sell my story to a newspaper and a magazine.

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