Wedding story makes front page of Take a Break magazine…

Sharon Bok’s real life wedding story makes the front page and a double page in TAKE A BREAK magazine this week.

Sell real life story to Take a Break magazine

Sharon's story made the cover of Take a Break magazine

Sell a story about a wedding to Take a Break magazine

Sharon's wedding story went over two pages...

Sharon’s amazing story about how wedding stress gave her a heart attack has already appeared as a news story in the Daily Mail newspaper. And now a fuller in-depth story told in Sharon’s own words appears this week in weekly women’s magazine, Take a Break.
As regular sell your story blog readers might recall, just over a week before her wedding, Sharon, 39, was sorting out the seating plan for her wedding reception when she felt unwell. She put chest pains down to stress but in fact she was having a heart attack.
She ended up being rushed to hospital and terrified her wedding day was off. But thankfully, she managed to make a good enough recovery to walk down the aisle, although on doctor’s orders she was forced to cancel her honeymoon to Thailand.
Sharon’s story appears using photos from her own wedding album on the front page and over a double page of this popular women’s weekly magazine.
And I have now gained Sharon a third deal with another magazine for a further follow-up story on what’s happened since!

Did something amazing happen on your wedding day? Perhaps, like Sharon, you would like to sell your story to a newspaper and a magazine like Take a Break.

To sell your story contact me here: Selling my Story

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