Sell your story … news update!

Featureworld sell my story website has seen the number of people emailing to enquire about selling their story in the last fortnight up by an astonishing 150 per cent compared with the same time last year.

Sell story to newspapers and magazines

Why not sell your story to the press?

And in fact in the past week alone, stories have been sold to a wide range of UK newspapers and magazines… a two sides real life story to The Sun newspaper, a feel-good health story to the Daily Mail newspaper, a story about an amazing landmark court victory to the Mail on Sunday newspaper, a breast cancer story to Cosmopolitan magazine, a story about how a routine medical test saved a mum’s life to the Daily Mirror, a story about an unwell child to Woman’s Own magazine, an emotional true story to Best mag, a gritty abuse story to Take a Break magazine and a featureworld interviewee has been put in touch with a TV documentary maker. Yes, to those interviewees who happened to get replies to emails in the early hours of the morning – I have been burning the midnight oil writing up all your stories!
I suspect selling your story to the press has risen in popularity due to the fact more people are researching this possibility online and seeing how straightforward the process can be.
Meanwhile, the hungry press always has an appetite for more stories and I have been asked by a number of publications to find the following…
* Anyone with three sons (like the Beckhams!) who tried for a girl and got a little girl. I am also searching for any couples who’ve gone abroad to choose the sex of their baby or are thinking of doing this (sex selection for social reasons is illegal in the UK but gender balancing is available in some countries.)
* Valentine stories. Any fantastic love stories – your love has battled through the odds, you met someone in an unusual way, they proposed in a bizarre way or even any Valentine’s Day disasters! Your story is wanted!
Meanwhile Featureworld has had a little update to its recently published stories page, completing the list for 2010.

With so many newspapers and magazines and all those pages to fill, there’s never been a better time to sell your story – contact me here for free advice: Sell your story

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