Hayley Okines appears on ITV’s This Morning…

Featureworld interviewee Hayley Okines and mum Kerry appeared on ITV’s THIS MORNING yesterday.

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Hayley, who has progeria, appeared with mum Kerry on ITV's This Morning

Hayley Okines with her family

Hayley, centre, with her family.

Following on from my double-page feature in the Sunday People newspaper at the weekend, Hayley and mum Kerry were invited on to ITV’s This Morning.
There, they appeared chatting on the sofa with presenters Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield about how pioneering treatment in the USA has improved Hayley’s health.
It’s been a very busy week for Hayley and her family. Since the update to Hayley’s real life story was printed on Sunday, she has spoken to local TV and then travelled to London to the ITV studios. And I have now gained the family another deal with a leading women’s weekly magazine.
Hayley, who was 13 at the beginning of December – doctors originally told her parents she would be unlikely to live past this age – spoke brilliantly on the show.
But then she’s no stranger to This Morning, having been a guest on the programme several times. And I know, like all Featureworld interviewees, the whole family love going on this popular programme!

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