Snow by the sea – children at Christmas – your photos…

Sell your story about the snow or do you have a photo about the snow to share?

White out on the beach in Sidmouth, Devon...

I was sent this beautiful photo today of the beach in Sidmouth Devon covered in snow. I don’t live in Devon but I know this area very well and I have never known snow like it in that area of the UK.

Meanwhile, I have been sent this photo of Kerry and baby Ben.

Kerry McDougall (nee Robertson) with toddler Ben...

Their story has just appeared on the front cover of Pick me Up magazine and Kerry and husband Mark are looking forward to enjoying Ben’s first Christmas! Last year they were on the run from social workers and Ben was later taken into care. So this picture of Ben so happy and so looking forward to Christmas is a very poignant photo for all of us!

Do you have a seasonal story to sell? It’s not too late! Meanwhile, if you have a stunning snow photo, I would love to see it!

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