Mum ‘too stupid to marry’ makes front page of Pick me Up magazine…

Another magazine story for Kerry Robertson (now McDougall) in PICK ME UP magazine – and she and new husband Mark make the front cover of this week’s issue.

Mark and Kerry's story also made the front page.

Featureworld clients Mark and Kerry’s story looks fantastic laid out in over the double pages of women’s magazine, Pick me Up this week.
Regular sell your story blog readers will recall I have followed Mark and Kerry’s unfolding real life story for over a year now. Kerry is the young woman whose wedding was halted by social workers who said she was too stupid to marry. The couple then fled the UK to Ireland in a bid to save their unborn baby going into care. There they believed social workers would be more understanding. Sadly three days after baby Ben was born, Irish social workers were alerted by the UK ones and their baby had to go to live with foster parents. However, having been thoroughly investigated by the Irish, Ben has now been returned to his Mark and Kerry. The couple have also since married and this Christmas therefore promises to be a world away from last Christmas. Then, they were on the run and fearful of the future. Now, Ben is with them and they have started a new life in Southern Ireland where they plan to bring up Ben. And they also recently married.
Via sell story website Featureworld, their story has appeared in the Daily Mail, Sunday Mirror, Mail on Sunday and also Reveal magazine. And the feature in Pick Me Up has some never seen before photos of their wonderful white wedding – which Ben attended as guest of honour!

Mark said: “Kerry and I are delighted are story has made the front page of the magazine!”

To read more on the background on Mark and Kerry’s incredible story and see how it was previously reported, click here: Mark and Kerry’s page

Have you been on an incredible journey? Did you battle against all the odds to have a happy ending in your life? If so let me know here: Sell My Story

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2 Comments on “Mum ‘too stupid to marry’ makes front page of Pick me Up magazine…”

  1. samedifference1 says:

    Hi Alison

    I’m a disabled blogger on disability issues. I first heard Mark and Kerry’s story last year, and have just read the Pick Me Up update. I’m really happy for them! Thank you for the scan of the article, which I have put on my blog here as there is no link to the piece on the pick me up site.

  2. Featureworld says:

    It is a lovely story and I am so pleased you have picked this up on my blog! Alison

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