The army wife twice betrayed by ‘love rat’ husband and the MOD…

Vanessa Finn’s extraordinary true story about how she was fined for trespass and cleaning when she failed to leave her marital home fast enough was printed in the DAILY MAIL on Saturday.

Vanessa Finn's story appeared on page 7 of the Daily Mail

For eighteen years Vanessa Finn was a supportive army wife. She and her husband, Alan Finn, had two daughters together and she believed they had a happy marriage. During this time, he rose through the ranks eventually becoming a Sgt Major and they were granted an army house – a substantial four bedroom detached one.
But in May this year he confessed he’d been having an affair and devastatingly told her he no longer wanted to be married.
Yet if that wasn’t bad enough, her husband then changed his army status to ‘single’. This meant he no longer qualified for married accommodation and under army rules, Vanessa and the children were given just 93 days to vacate their home.
When she couldn’t find anywhere to live fast enough, she was then fined for trespass and invoiced by the Ministry of Defence for cleaning.
Vanessa is now campaigning for the army to be more compassionate when marriages break down. After all, she feels it unfair that despite being the wronged wife, and despite supporting her husband and the army for years, she was not only forced out of the marital home (fortunately friends and family ensured she wasn’t homeless) but was also fined for leaving too slowly.

Vanessa says: “I was very happy with my story in the Daily Mail. I have had lots of calls about it from well wishers and friends. I am very happy I went ahead and pleased with the way my story was handled in the newspaper.”

Vanessa’s story will shortly be appearing in a magazine. Meanwhile, if you have a story to sell about betrayal, adultery or an affair, do let me know here: Sell your story

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