Why won’t he marry me?

Michele English’s story about how partner Russell doesn’t want to wed appears in BELLA magazine this week.

Michele and Russell talked about their relationship in Bella mag

When Michele English emailed me through my sell my story website, I remembered her instantly as I recalled watching The Restaurant. This was shown on BBC2 and followed couples as they competed to open a restaurant with Raymond Blanc. She and partner Russell went on to win this real life TV show and opened their eaterie, The Cheerful Soul. Russell was the chef while Michele, 36, was front of house.
In the summer, however, they decided in fact running the restaurant wasn’t for them and Michele hoped after so many years together, they might marry. But unfortunately Russell doesn’t want to marry. As he told me, it isn’t that he doesn’t love Michele but he doesn’t believe marriage will make their already solid relationship any better. Michele, however, is upset as she is traditional and always believed she would eventually marry and have children.
The couple’s two sided story was placed with Bella magazine and I have since gained them a follow-up deal with a national newspaper.

Do you have a relationship story to sell? Maybe you and your partner both hold very different views on something that would make an interesting read? If so, I would love to hear from you here: Sell a story

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