Ben’s story about his kidnapped Puggle dog appears in Take a Break!

Ben Legah’s true-life story about how his designer Puggle dog was kidnapped was printed in TAKE A BREAK magazine this week.

Regular Featureworld Sell Your Story blog readers might recall Ben’s story when it appeared on page three of the Daily Mail newspaper a few weeks ago.
Ben’s three month old puppy, Louis, was playing in his garden when he mysteriously disappeared. After days of searching, Ben thought he might never see his beloved pup again.
But then he received a bizarre phone call from a man claiming to have Louis and asking for £500 ransom. Ben then heard Louis yelping in the background and agreed to meet the kidnappers. However, when they didn’t turn up, he involved the Police. They then launched an extraordinary rescue attempt on the little dog. Police detectives got the kidnapper to come to Ben’s house with Louis and as soon as he arrived in a van, they stormed it.
After appearing in the Daily Mail, Ben’s story was then placed in Take a Break magazine.
Ben told me this morning he is delighted to see it in the magazine and I am so pleased not only did his kidnapped pet story have such a happy ending, but that I was able to gain him two excellent deals.

If like Ben you have a story you feel is suitable for a national newspaper and a magazine, then I would love to hear from you! Do contact me here: Alison, Can you sell my story? and I will let you know…

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