How I fell in love with an avatar …

Vicky Teather’s unusual true-life relationship story appeared on page 3 of the DAILY MAIL on Saturday.

Vicky and Paul were both in long-term relationships when for fun they both played the online video game Final Fantasy. Vicky’s character was little Branwen, while Paul was super masculine Andurus.
But over the eighteen months they spent playing the virtual reality game, they grew closer and although they had never met in real life, they began to have feelings for one another.
Eventually they decided to meet and after just two hours realised they were in love. Incredibly within weeks both had finished their old relationships and had begun dating. Then, as Vicky was in Southampton and Paul was working in London, they dated in the game. As Vicky says, cuddling and kissing in Final Fantasy was the next best thing to being together.
A year ago the couple married – incredibly they even had a wedding cake made with their avatars Branwen and Andrurus made out of icing.

Vicky says she was delighted with the story in the Daily Mail. She said: “Thank you so much! I thought it looked great and might even encourage others to play video games as you do meet some wonderful people that way.”

And is this the way more couples might meet in the future? Psychologist Dr Arthur Cassidy, whom I also quoted in the story, told me he believed in a few years time it could become the norm. This is partly because we are all working much longer hours and playing an online video game enables people to ‘go out’ and meet new people while still sitting at home…

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