Another published story for Mark and Kerry McDougall …

Mark and Kerry’s real life story about how they battled to keep their baby appears this week in REVEAL magazine.

In September 2009 Mark and Kerry’s wedding was stopped 48 hours before the ceremony was due to take place after social workers claimed Kerry was too stupid to marry. A few days later Mark contacted me through my website and I placed their story in the Daily Mail newspaper. The couple were then told their unborn baby would be taken away for the same reason and they went on the run. As regular Sell your story blog readers will know despite this their baby was still snatched at birth – but the story has a happy ending as the whole family was recently reunited.
Mark and Kerry’s unfolding story has appeared in the Daily Mail three times, the Sunday Mirror twice and most recently the Mail on Sunday. They have also appeared in numerous local papers and appeared on GMTV (now Daybreak). And yet, as well as Reveal this week, their incredible story will also be appearing in another popular weekly magazine as I have gained another deal for them.
Over all this time, I have been with them through their ups and downs. Their stories needed to be written with the utmost care and attention – putting them first. I admit I have also turned some offers down for their story as I didn’t feel they would be beneficial to Mark and Kerry. But then I always put the interviewee first. The outcome is that they are now married AND have their beautiful baby boy, Ben back.
If you have a delicate story to tell, which needs careful handling, then don’t hesitate to contact me here: real life story to sell

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