I want to sell my story…

You put ‘sell my story’ into Google and you come up with a dazzling array of websites offering to sell your story for you.
No doubt that’s how you found this website– Sell your Story UK (the official blog for Featureworld) after all, you must have put some search term like this into Google to have found this page!
The question is, with so much choice, how do you choose who is really the best media agent, journalist or writer to sell your story through?
It’s an important decision. Get it right and not only will you earn money for your real life story but you will gain good publicity in a national newspaper or women’s magazine you are happy with. But get it wrong and you could regret selling your story (or you might not ‘sell’ it as you might not be paid…)
The truth is, despite all the information available on the internet about selling a story to the press, some people still steam ahead without taking proper advice. While I do believe the vast majority of journalists do work with integrity, occasionally I will receive an email from an interviewee who’s fallen victim to an unscrupulous press agency or reporter – they have done a story, it was printed and yet when they try to contact the person who ‘sold’ it and who offered them money, they cannot be contacted. Worse, their story is sold worldwide without their consent…
With this in mind, I have recently written a more in depth general piece to help people avoid scams, and guide interviewees through the maze of selling their story.
Read it here.

And if you are not sure if your real life story is saleable to a magazine or newspaper, look at my checklist: What’s your real life story?

Meanwhile, I am always available for advice – and am committed to selling your story safely. Contact me here: Sell my Story

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