Sell my Story site Featureworld gets an update!

ALISON – ‘Selling stories to the press for You…’

Although it IS hard work selling real life stories, writing them and ensuring interviewees are completely happy, I am delighted to say that my website seems to be doing something right as it never fails to attract a steady stream of enquiries from some of the loveliest and most genuine people. As regular sell your story blog readers will have seen I have had a great run of particularly emotional stories sold to magazines and newspapers recently – it truly has been a pleasure to see some of these interviewee’s very personal stories in print. And to sell them on again for interviewees – which means they are gaining more publicity (and more money!)
Meanwhile, I am always thinking of ways to improve the sell my story service – to make it more transparent and less worrying to those people who do worry about selling a story to the press (however much you reassure them!) So as well as some general updates to the Featureworld website, there is a brand new page – the aptly titled How to sell your story – which gives you a run down of what you might expect from the moment you contact me to when your story is finally printed. You can also read more about me (if you want to…!) and perhaps more importantly, on this page read what other people say about getting me to sell your story.


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