Only 18 but my baby has Down’s Syndrome – story sold to Bella mag

Paris Taylor’s real life story about how she was only 18 when she gave birth to a baby with Down’s appears in BELLA magazine today.

Finding out you are pregnant when you are not expecting to be, is a nightmare for any teenager. When this happened to Paris, she decided to keep her baby. She and her steady boyfriend had no reason to worry their baby was anything but healthy. So when she gave birth to Maisy-Anna, who has Down’s Syndrome, it was a terrible shock.
For a while Paris found it very hard to bond with her baby – but then one day Maisy-Anna looked at her and everything fell into place. It hasn’t been easy – aged six months Maisy-Anna was rushed to hospital with heart problems. But now Paris wouldn’t be without her adorable little girl.
Paris’s emotional real life story was sold to Bella.

Paris says: “I am delighted to see it in Bella magazine. I wanted to sell my story to show that having a Down’s Syndrome baby does happen to young women as well as older ones. And that having a Down’s Syndrome baby isn’t the end of the world. In fact I wouldn’t want Maisy-Anna not to have Down’s as that is who she is.”

Do you want to sell a story about your baby or older child? Do email me with details to see if I can sell your story too.


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