And here’s Richard Jackson again – in Closer magazine …

Boy who wants a sex change and boob job to look like Jordan in CLOSER magazine this week.

Richard Jackson’s sex change story appeared in the Sunday Mirror at the weekend. Now this week the sensational real life story of how Richard wants to not only change his sex but have a boob job to look like his idol Jordan has also made the front cover of Closer. Inside was another double page spread with Richard – who has changed his name to Cindy – looking remarkably like Jordan.
I now have other deals in the pipeline for Cindy – and will keep Featureworld blog readers posted.
These include two TV deals plus a further publication.

Cindy says: “The last week has been incredibly exciting and my feet have barely touched the ground!”

She now hopes to have her boob job in a matter of weeks…

If you have a real life sex change story to sell, do let me know as they are very popular with many media outlets. You can sell your story here.


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