I started my puberty at just seven …

Why are girls starting puberty so early? Story in the DAILY MAIL today…

Featureworld interviewee Tara’s real life health story about how she began puberty at the age of just seven appears in the Daily Mail today.
The story appears on the back of new research that girls as young as six are starting to develop. Years ago the usual age was in the early teens but it has crept younger and younger. And as Tara reveals today, it caused her a great deal of embarrassment as she was still at primary school.
As well as selling stories to the press, I am constantly asked by newspapers and magazines to find people like Tara who want to sell their stories.
Often editors are looking for particular stories as the Daily Mail were when they contacted me this week.
I am currently looking for these stories for features I am working on:

* Single women in their twenties who for some reason are unable to have children.
* Stepmum stories – perhaps you are a struggling stepmum or don’t see eye to eye with your husband’s ex?
As with Tara today, there is often a payment for contributing to a bigger feature.

To receive regular updates on stories I am working on, why not subscribe to my Featureworld Casting Directory?


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