Living in a mud hut saved my marriage …

How living with an African tribe changed my life forever – story in WOMAN’S OWN magazine today…

When married mum Linda Plover decided to go on the BBC programme Tribal Wives, she had no idea how much it would change her life.
Viewers can see her on the BBC programme sobbing because she wants to go home. She misses her husband, daughter and mum. Then, when the Tribe’s Mamma Tito asks her to sweep up wee, it all becomes too much.
But today’s real life story in the magazine follows on from the television documentary. Here she describes what happens when she came home to Liverpool and how her experience changed not only the way she shopped – she was a self-confessed shopaholic but now spends far less money and buys clothes from charity shops as much as possible – but also her relationship with husband Gary.

Linda told me this morning: “My daughter cried when she read the story in Woman’s Own. It was that emotional. It shows how far I have come. Thank you so much for putting it in the magazine for me.”

Linda’s emotional journey can be seen on BBC 2 tonight at 9pm.

Have you been on an emotional journey? If, like Linda, you want to sell an inspirational story, email me here.


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