Expat wives abandoned in France – what happened next?

When Maria-Louise’s story appeared in the DAILY MAIL newspaper, it led her on an extraordinary journey …

According to my Featureworld Blog’s statistics, one of the best read posts on this site was the feature I wrote for the Daily Mail about the expat marriages breaking up abroad (especially in France.)
Regular Sell Your Story blog readers will recall this article featured three ladies whose marriages had all faltered after they followed their dream (or quite often, it transpired, their partner’s dream). Once the marriages failed, the husbands left their wives stranded often struggling to sell rambling properties in the middle of France.
Maria-Louise was one of my main interviewees. She had come to me via my Featureworld website and I then had no difficulty finding other ladies in the same situation to talk about their experiences too.
Following on from publication, I then received an email from another lady who was desperate for help.
At the time I suggested to Maria-Louise that she might help this lady. Maria-Louise is bilingual and as well as being very knowledgeable about French law, she has a host of contacts in France.
So I am delighted the article inspired Maria-Louise to set up her own self-help organisation and website to address this very issue.
WAIFS (Women Alone in France) is now up and running. To visit click here. Quite apart from helping women in France, it is a mine of information if you are thinking of moving there yourself.
I am absolutely delighted Maria-Louise has set this up – it makes doing that story particularly worthwhile.
If you have moved abroad and have a story you would like to see in the national press, do what Maria-Lousie did. Contact me here!


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