Training injury cost me chance of natural birth – story in the Daily Mail

Gymnast claims punishing training has left her unable to have a baby naturally.. story in the DAILY MAIL newspaper on Saturday.

Rebecca Owen was an international gymnast who had already won medals for Great Britain when she suffered a back injury during training. She now claims punishing training schedules compounded her injury leaving her in constant pain. Worse, she says her back is so damaged she will be unable to have a baby naturally. She is also likely to be bed-bound during pregnancy.
Rebecca’s story appeared as a news piece in the Daily Mail.

Rebecca said: “I wanted my story highlighted in the press because I’m hopeful that getting the story out into the public domain will serve as a warning to other young athletes about the dangers of doing sports to excess at a young age.”

Rebecca adds she would like to see more stringent safeguards put in place for young gymnasts.
Do you want to gain publicity for a real life story? Or do you have a real life story you would highlighted in a national newspaper or women’s magazine? To read about others who’ve also told their story for justice click here.


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