Baby joy after losing a child – story sold to the Daily Mail

Can having another baby help ease the pain of losing a child?
Emotional real-life story makes a double page in the DAILY MAIL yesterday.

One of the more difficult jobs any journalist has to face is interviewing people who’ve been through a trauma. Upper most in your mind as a writer is the trust an interviewee must invest in you to convey their story properly.
This is the biggest challenge facing any real life story writer – especially when crafting a feature where parents have experienced one of the worse nightmares of all, the pain of losing a child.
I admit I always feel a huge sense of responsibility whenever I write any article but when it comes to such personal stories of loss, that feeling of responsibility is heightened.
So it is very rewarding to see the finished article make a spread such as Trudy and Keith Wooster’s story in the Daily Mail yesterday.
Trudy says: “I want to thank you. It was so beautifully written. Readers also left some lovely supportive messages on the Daily Mail website. Keith and I were very touched by them all.”
Judging by those comments, this story, which carried a very sensitive headline and was accompanied by a stunning photo of the family taken by the Daily Mail, has gone some way to help other parents who sadly experience such a tragedy.
The couple’s story – they went on to have a little girl after the death of their firstborn son – has already been sold as a double page to a glossy weekly women’s magazine.
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One Comment on “Baby joy after losing a child – story sold to the Daily Mail”

  1. markmcdougall says:

    You are a great writer Alison, keep up the good work, Mark and Kerry 🙂

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