I woke from a coma and found I had a baby – sold to Sunday People

Colleen’s story about how she fell in love with her baby all over again – story in SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper at the weekend.

Colleen and her partner Jay had already received many letters from various agents and journalists asking to sell their story when they found my sell my story website on the internet. I offer free advice to people who don’t know which way to turn. And after discussing their story with them, we decided to place it with the Sunday People newspaper.
Jay said: “We thought the story looked fantastic. We were both thrilled when we opened the newspaper and saw the double page.”
Colleen certainly has been through a nightmare. After giving birth to Hunnie, their first baby, she went down with swine flu and almost died. Thankfully, she pulled through. But after six weeks in a coma she could barely remember Hunnie let alone giving birth. And when her memory returned, Hunnie did not look like the tiny baby she recalled. However, she has since fallen in love again with her adorable little girl and the pair are closely bonded.

I have now gained another deal for Colleen and Jay with a national women’s magazine.

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