Expat dream ruined our marriages – story sold to the Daily Mail

Three women tell how ‘living the dream’ in France ruined their marriages… Story in the DAILY MAIL yesterday.

There can’t be many of us who haven’t dreamt at one time or another of packing up and emigrating…
The story was sparked when interviewee Maria-Louise emailed me through Featureworld.co.uk about how she found herself alone in her French home. Sharon, another interviewee had also emailed me a similar real-life story telling me how her marriage had also faltered following a move there.
The stories were run together and to my surprise (considering on every on holiday in France I always think of living there myself …!) I didn’t find it hard to discover Carol, another Brit wife with a similar story.
This article caused endless debate on Mail Online and hundreds of people left comments.
Despite these ladies’ salutary tales, I doubt the dream will dull for many people who will still long for a life abroad.
And if you are considering making a move (and are prepared for a different culture…) then Maria-Louise would love to hear from you. If you read the article, you will know her four bed house is currently on the market for just over 200,000 euros. I enclose some more photos of it below…
If you would like me to pass your details to Maria-Louise or have a similar story to sell about moving abroad, then email me here.


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