Our fateful train journey – story sold to Woman magazine

My Twist of Fate train Journey – story in Woman mag this week

Georgina Ford’s story about how a quirk of fate led her to meet her husband on a train is printed this week in glossy weekly Woman magazine.
This is the second time Georgina’s story has been printed. The first time was also through Featureworld.co.uk for the Daily Mail newspaper.
Just out of a ten-year relationship, Georgina had joined dating agencies and had almost given up finding love. What she didn’t realise was her future husband was sat just behind her on her train home from work every day.
Fortunately, almost a year after they had been travelling ‘together’ as strangers, they at last got talking.
They have since married and also have a son!
People often imagine stories full of doom and gloom are the only stories saleable to the press. But this is not true – everyone loves to read a happy story!
Do you have a relationship story to sell to the press? Did you meet your partner in an unusual way?
Do let me know here.


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