Featureworld caught up in Volcanic ash story…

Alison gets stranded in Tenerife with family and pet CAT…
Thankfully Crystal likes travelling as she boarded a flight to Madrid and then had a two-day journey in a left hand German car back to the UK …

Thank you to all the editors who waited for copy and all those interviewees who patiently waited for me to return after I went on what was supposedly a very short break over Easter to Tenerife…
Tenerife WAS great – but funnily enough became less attractive when our plane was cancelled and we faced staying there indefinitely.
However, I ended up becoming caught up in this national story myself as we faced the issue of just how to get back to Blighty.
It was of course further complicated by the fact that Crystal cat travels on her pet passport whenever we go on holiday. This was her fourth time abroad but her first time on a plane. She had flown over with us and of course like us, had her ticket back as well. We decided if we got to Madrid on mainland Spain (Spanish airspace was open) we could then drive home. But our worry was would she be accepted on any other airline? After all, our original company did not fly to Madrid and many planes will not carry pets!
Fortunately Iberia allowed Crystal in the cabin with us to Madrid. From there we hired a car (she is used to travelling by road on our laps or curled up asleep on a car seat) and after going through eurotunnel, we finally arrived back – a little later than planned after going the very scenic route!

I would love to hear of other people who take their pets on holiday as we do!
Perhaps your cat or dog is even more travelled than Crystal, who is running out of space on her passport!
If you have a story about your pet to sell, then I would love to hear about it … simply go to the sell my story form here.


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