Suzanne’s story sold to the Daily Mirror … is this Britain’s most spoilt baby?

Is this Britain’s most spoilt baby? Story in the DAILY MIRROR today …

Suzanne Dickenson’s real life story about how she spoils her baby son Thai is printed over two pages in the Daily Mirror today.
Suzanne’s story first appeared in Closer magazine last week and the Mirror then rang me and asked if they could print a bigger story in today’s newspaper.
Baby Thai, named after Thailand where Suzanne and her husband went on holiday, is so spoilt he even has his own off road buggy. The 16 month-old toddler has a wardrobe stuffed with designer clothes. His doting mum spent £2000 on his first birthday alone, which included a special cake, people dressed as cartoon characters and a playroom kitted out with £1000 worth of toys.
She has no idea how much money she has spent on Thai but confesses it must be around £12,000 since he was born. This, she admits, is probably a conservative estimate.
Suzanne texted me to say: “Just read the story and it’s lovely. Thank you!”
Do you have a true story to sell? if so email me here.


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