Is this Britain’s most indulgent mum? She’s addicted to giving…

My Spoilt baby – real-life story sold to Closer magazine

Since 16-month old baby Thai was born, Suzanne has lavished £12,000 on him. He now has a wardrobe worth £2000 of designer clothes and even a off-road buggy. For his first birthday she splashed out £2000 on a cake and actors dressed as cartoon characters.
Thai is Suzanne’s third son and one of the reasons she spends so much is because she desperately wanted him to be a longed for girl. When he wasn’t the girl she could dress up, he decided instead to ensure Thai always looked different. She claims this is a story about being addicted to giving rather than being addicted to shopping.

I sold Suzanne’s story to Closer magazine where it is printed this week. Meanwhile, I have now had interest from a national newspaper and hope to negotiate a further deal for Suzanne.

Do you spoil your child? Or do you have a story to sell about your baby or child?
If so do contact me here


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