Cosmetic surgery addiction ruined my marriage …

Cosmetic Surgery Story in Woman’s Own magazine

Heather believed having plastic surgery – a tummy tuck, a boob job, liposuction, a thigh lift and botox – would put the omph back into her marriage. Instead, she grew more confident and more dissatisifed with her husband and he didn’t like the way she had changed. Incredibly, it spelt the end of their relationship and last year, after Heather had Botox to her face (he always said that would be the final straw) he moved out. The couple have two children together, however, and their relationship is amicable. This is why both of them were happy to tell each side of their real life story to Woman’s Own magazine.
Heather’s story was very sought after. She had great photos which show her incredible transformation and needless to say many women’s weekly magazines were interested in running it. So she is very happy with her generous fee.
If you have a diet, weightloss or story about how you transformed your body, then I would love to hear it. Email me here.


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