My mum’s obesity made me anorexic …

Anorexia story in CLOSER magazine

When Nichola’s overweight 18 stone mum died of a heart attack, it triggered a devastating eating disorder. For the 29 year old became terrified that if she didn’t lose weight she too would die like her mum did.
And so she became anorexic – even starving herself to the point where she fell into a coma and almost died. Today, Nichola is hoping to recover but the coma has left her partially brain damaged with loss of speech and difficulty walking.
Nichola decided to tell her real life story – via email to me – to show people just what the repercussions can be if you take dieting to the extreme. Her true story appears in Closer magazine this week.

Stories about dieting, weight loss, and eating disorders are always popular particularly for the women’s magazine market. If you have a real life story to sell about an obsession with dieting, your body or issues over food, then do contact me via the sell my story website form:


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