Motherhood through the ages – how has it changed?

Family’s generation story in the DAILY EXPRESS newspaper

The Graham family appeared to talk about their real-life story in yesterday’s Daily Express newspaper about how motherhood has changed through the generations.
Great great grandmother Gwen, 93 remembers dressing her newborn baby in a long embroidered nightie and washing terry nappies in a copper pot. Her daughter – great grandmother Wendy – recalls her baby being put in the garden in a big pram for the fresh air (whatever the weather!). Meanwhile, Wendy’s daughter Lynn had to dress her newborn baby Chelsey in a tiny hospital gown. When Chelsey had her baby daughter recently she took in her own babygros and disposable nappies – she was also back shopping within days (midwives told her mum, gran and great gran to rest for weeks after the birth.)

Their stories show just how much having a baby has changed over the decades and make fascinating reading.

Do you have an unusual, emotional or quirky family story to tell? Do email me here.


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