Commuter Dating… couple marry after meeting on train

“A nice story for a change to start the day…” That was one comment left on the Daily Mail website on Saturday after my real life story about a couple who met on a train appeared in the paper on Saturday.
Having recently split with a long-term partner, Georgina had joined dating websites and would spend her journey commuting back from London sifting through applicants on her phone. Little did she know that Mr Right was much closer than she imagined. To be exact: sat behind her on the 5.33 train every day.
As soon as I read Georgina’s email about her lovely story I knew I would be able to place it. People often imagine national newspapers are only interested in printing doom and gloom stories. But in fact newspaper editors know we all adore romantic and inspirational stories such as this.
And so do women’s magazines – as this story has attracted interest from a number of women’s magazines today. And I am now in the process of securing a magazine deal with one of them for Georgina and her husband.

Did you meet your partner in an unusual way? If so, your true life story could be printed in a newsaper such as the Daily Mail.
Simply fill in the sell my story form, and I will be able to tell you if your story can be printed.


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