Would you remarry your ex?

My double page feature in the Daily Mail newspaper today told the real life stories of three couples who divorced – then regretted it so much that years later they all remarried. I must say this is one feature that I thoroughly enjoyed writing. I found listening to their stories particularly poignant – especially Jeanette and Malcolm who told how their only daughter’s death brought them back together.
And who’d have thought that you would remarry your former husband in a second wedding 50 years after the first one? That was the story Sandra and Terry had to tell. Then there was Linda’s salutary tale about how she thought after 25 years of married life the grass might be greener as a single woman. It took seven years in the ‘wilderness’, when she dated other men, for her to realise that her heart belonged with her ex husband all along.
Today I have received offers from national TV for the couples to go on and tell their stories. Plus all of their stories will be now told in more detail in a top women’s magazine. Will keep you posted!
Would you like to sell your story to the Daily Mail? To see some other emotional true stories I have written – about divorce and many other subjects – go to Mailonline and input Alison Smith-Squire.
Alternatively, and to read relationship stories sold to not only the Mail but many other publications, go to www.featureworld.co.uk


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