Interviewer Award…!

I am thrilled to discover today to see I have been named as one of the top five interviewers in the UK – in the Access Interview Awards 2009.
Scouring newspapers such as the Times, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, The Sun, Guardian, Independent and many others, Access Interviews is a website that aims to independently collate the most interesting interviews together in one place.
The awards are calculated by looking at which interviewer’s stories have generated the most web traffic at their website over the past year.
The site owners say: “Interviewing is no easy business. Firstly a journalist needs to have high level contacts … then there is the agony of seeing your excellent piece through to publication.”
So which of my interviews were people most interested in reading? Here’s the top ten according to Access Interviews … all of which appeared in the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday newspapers.
1. You’re not Intelligent to Marry Sept 2009 (Interview with Kerry Robertson banned from her own wedding by social workers who deemed her too dim to marry.)
2. I look like Leona Lewis – and it’s ruining me. Jan 2010 (Shopworker Sasha considers plastic surgery to get her life back.)
3. After giving birth, a stroke left Dawn paralysed Jan 2010
4. Obsession with married man destroyed school head career Dec 2009
5. Woman told she was too stupid to keep baby boy Jan 2010
6. Would you let a foreign family ‘adopt’ your nine year old Jan 2010
7. Is this Britain’s most spoilt teen March 2009
8. Air hostess had ‘extreme TV makeover’ – then her body exploded April 2009
9. I was forced to marry my cousin Feb 2008
10. My dad the SAS Walter Mitty Oct 2009

To see all the awards go to:
Meanwhile to find out more about my interviews go to


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